When it comes to custom motorcycle face mask there are a plethora of options on the market. However, the Leather Face Motorcycle Mask is unbeaten by the competition in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and features. Our patented design gives way to a brand new custom motorcycle face mask made of the highest quality leather and materials. Just below we are going to break down all the features that come with your Leather Face Motorcycle Mask. 

Leather Face Motorcycle Mask

 Key Components:

  1. Removable Liners
  2. Metal Ridge Nose Piece
  3. Stash Pocket
  4. Velcro Attachment
  5. Interchangeable Design
  6. Life Insurance Policy

leather face riding gear

Removable Liners

The Leather Face Riding Mask comes with a unique innovation that has not been implemented by any motorcycle riding mask design. Our removable liners allow riders to create a multi-seasonal mask that can be personalized by the rider for aesthetics and functionality.

 Outer Liner

The outer liner of all Leather Face Masks is made of the highest quality leather, sourced out of Sialkot, Pakistan which is home to some of the most premium leather in the world! The expert craftsmanship and high-quality leather materials ensure that our leather motorcycle masks are of the highest degree. In addition, their vast infrastructure of leather manufactures allows for our mask to have a variety of designs. Leather outer liners also add a level of protection for the rider. For those that ride open face on bobbers, sportsters, choppers, etc. understand that road debris (bugs, rocks, sand) can pack quite a punch at 60-80 mph!

” I don’t care how much you can bench! A June Bug at 70 mph directly to the face will make any man cry!”

Thankfully, the outer liner will absorb most, if not all of the impact, ensuring a safer more pleasurable ride for any biker.

.Leather Face Riding Mask Leather Face Riding Mask.

Inner Liners

One of the key differences between custom leather motorcycle masks and our Leather Face Mask is the inner liner. The removable inner liner can be made of a variety of different materials and color choices. Our base models come with our spring/summer inner liner comprised of both cloth and suede. In addition, to ensure riders get the proper ventilation necessary we enlarged the diameter of normal air holes to ensure maximum airflow. This enables the rider to feel the cool breeze on their face while looking as badass as possible!

Metal Ridge Nose Piece

Ever stop at a street light while wearing a half face motorcycle mask to find out that your riding glasses have started to fog? Leather Face Masks are once again one step ahead of the competition! In our patented design, we implemented an adjustable metal ridge nose piece that allows riders to change the contour of the mask with a simple bend. This creates a snug fit that is unique to the rider! Best of all, we placed a break at the peak of the mask, allowing riders to fold their leather motorcycle mask and stow it in a jacket or pants pocket with ease. leather face riding mask

Stash Pocket

Inside every Leather Face motorcycle mask is a newly designed stash pocket. This feature came to life with our mask because here at Leather Face we are riders! We understand the struggles of long-distance riding while trying to carry your wallet. No longer will riders have to sit on their wallets and endure discomfort for long periods of time. As a result, the stash pocket was integrated into our Leather Face motorcycle masks so riders could have a convenient and comfortable area to store credit cards, ID, or cash. The stash pocket is located on the right side, enabling riders to reach for their credentials or money while still having one hand on the clutch. Just another unique feature designed by riders for riders.
leather motorcycle face mask

Velcro Attachment

All of our custom leather masks utilize Velcro fasteners and attachments, giving riders a more user-friendly experience when either putting on or taking off our mask. No longer will riders have to fiddle with tying ridiculous knots for bandanas. Secondly, the robust nature of Velcro ensures that the mask will not loosen at any time during your ride. Lastly, we have heard from the community that a lot of leather half face masks are not large enough to fit around some rider’s heads. Velcro allows our leather motorcycle mask to be a one size fits all, no matter how big the head!

Interchangeable Design

When it comes to design and aesthetics nothing will match the Leather Face Mask! All of our parts are interchangeable with any of our leather face riding masks! That means riders can collect a multitude of outer and inner liners to create a truly unique mask of their own volition!

Life Insurance Policy

Leather Face is synonymous with quality. Therefore, every feature, fabric, fastener, and leather choice is meticulously selected and then analyzed after rigorous testing. After completion, we take it to the road to make sure it can handle real-world travel abuse and it does! Check out all the details of our Leather Face Life Insurance Policy.

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