Just like a fine wine, Leather Motorcycle Mask just get better with age. Nothing sets your style apart from the others like having leather motorcycle gear with a couple thousand miles on it.

However, over time materials will start to fade, wear and tear, which is understandably unavoidable given the utility leather motorcycle gear serves. Proper Leather Motorcycle Mask Care is not a one size fits all process. You should always check the packaging for any specific leather care instructions. This How to Clean Your Leather Motorcycle Mask guide will teach you the basic steps for leather motorcycle gear care. In addition to some DIY Leather Cleaning Tips & Tricks. Let’s dive in just below!

Three Stages of Leather Motorcycle Mask Care

In order to maintain that vintage, worn in look of your leather motorcycle apparel, you will want to focus on three key stages of leather motorcycle gear care.

  1. Exterior
  2. Interior
  3. Conditioning

Stage 1: Interior Leather Motorcycle Mask Cleaning

As all riders know, no matter what climate you are in when you ride, you sweat. Moisture and salt start accumulating from your sweat, causing your leather motorcycle gear to acquire a certain type of funk. This inner dankness that has been building up all season long will vary from gear to gear. This is due to the fact that each style of leather motorcycle gear has their own design for ventilation. In addition, every riders body is different, some of us are just more avid perspires. Due to these difference your leather motorcycle gear cleaning tactics will vary as well.

leather motorcycle mask care

Phase 1: Do You Have Removable Inner Liners?

If your leather motorcycle apparel has removable inner liners (like our Leather Face Motorcycle Mask) then you are in luck! Almost all inner liners are machine washable. Meaning after you have soaked up some sun, you can let your inner liner soak up some suds to get ride of that funk! Making your life exponentially easier. In addition, the removable liners can be easily replaced with a fresh one. So while you wait for your dirty inner liner to finish cleaning, you can go hit the road for another ride.

Phase 2: Nothing Like Some Fresh Air

For those with leather motorcycle gear that does not have removable liners fear not! Thanks to advancements in scientific technology, modern leather motorcycle apparel has sweat-wicking and anti-microbial liners. This allows certain leather motorcycle gear to improve in internal condition by simply letting it air out. If you are still smelling some left over funk don’t be afraid to spruce up your leather gear with some fabric freshener like Febreze.

leather motorcycle mask care

Phase 3: Stop Being So Salty

As we spoke about previously, when you sweat, you release salt. This build up of salt starts accumulating on the interior of leather apparel. Which can lead to a seriously unruly odor or even mold! When it comes to salt accumulation the best leather motorcycle mask care product to use is a de-salter spray.

Leather Motorcycle Gear Care: How to Use De-Salter
  1. Turn your leather motorcycle gear inside out. If you have a leather jacket, chaps or riding gloves turn them completely inside out.
  2. Liberally apply the spray to the interior of the leather gear.
  3. Allow the leather gear to sit inside out until the de-salter spray is 100% dry.


Stage 2: Cleaning Leather Motorcycle Mask Exterior

Due to leather being such a strong and resilient material. Authentic leather motorcycle apparel holds up to the elements with vigor. The way leather is treated enables it to stand up to a variety of environments in the most fashionable way possible. The hardy nature that leather gear posses helps to prevent staining and fading. However, proper leather motorcycle mask care is always important to increase the longevity of its life span. That being said, when cleaning a leather motorcycle mask or any leather motorcycle gear it is imperative to check the ingredients of the cleaning solution. Some leathers cannot handle specific solutions so it is always important to double check with your leather gear provider before you start cleaning to avoid any unwanted mistakes.

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Phase 1: Find a Quality Leather Cleaner

The hardest part about leather motorcycle mask care is choosing the right leather care products to use. An expert leather cleaner knows what to use; but more importantly knows what not to use. It is imperative to stay away from waxes and silicones, these types of products tend to dry the leather out. In addition, using animal based products is another bad decision. Products such as Leather Milk Cleaner or Mink Oil paste can cause discoloring of your leather motorcycle gear.

Once you have found the proper leather care product, all you need is a small cloth rag and your ready to get to work!

leather motorcycle mask care

Phase 2: More is Less!

Unlike the chicken tenders you smother in honey mustard at a gas station to mask the flavor. Caring and cleaning for leather motorcycle gear should be done so with a minimalist mentality. We are not trying to coat our motorcycle leathers like a soccer mom painting her kids with sunscreen. In the realm of leathers, a moderately liberal coat of cleaner is all that is necessary to revitalize your motorcycle leathers. When it comes to applying the cleaner to your leathers DO NOT pour leather cleaner directly onto leather motorcycle apparel. Instead, simply apply some to your rag and transfer to the leather gear. This will stop the leather from absorbing any unneeded extra solution.

leather motorcycle mask care

Phase 3: Wax On, Wax Off

Here comes the final step to your exterior leather gear cleaning. Like Mr.Miyagi your going to be applying the wax on, wax off method. When rubbing in the leather cleaner it is important not to be to rough with your leather gear. To avoid damage and have the best leather motorcycle mask care possible, we recommend to apply light/medium pressure with small circular rotations. Starting from the peak of the leather gear and working down. Pay attention to your rag for dirt/grime build up. If the rag gets to funky, rinse it, ring it out, apply more leather cleaner and pick up from where you left off.

TIP: To avoid having to do full leather motorcycle mask care cleaning day, try being proactive with your gear. Using disinfectant wipes to clean off your leather gear here and there will make your life exponentially easier.

leather motorcycle mask care

Phase 4: When in Doubt Air it Out

After you have given your leather gear a proper cleaning it’s time to let it air out. Before you can continue on to the next leather motorcycle mask care stage you need to ensure that your leather gear is 100% dry. The next stage will involve the use of leather conditioner which requires there to be no moisture on the leather. It is our recommendation to leave the jacket in a dry environment for around 24 hrs, just to be safe.


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Stage 3: Conditioning Leather Motorcycle Mask

Leather Conditioner is a vital tool used to replenish the essential oils in your leather motorcycle mask that is lost over time by exposure to the elements. Think about it. If your face was bombarded with 80 mph winds, sun rays and wind for a couple hours a day, everyday, you would start to lose that shine of yours too! By restoring moisture to the pores of bike leathers you will increase the quality and life span of your leather motorcycle apparel.

leather motorcycle mask care

Phase 1: Applying Leather Conditioner

When it comes to leather conditioners there is a plethora of options to choose from. Everyone has their favorite brand they like to use. While almost all leather conditioners have the same basic methodology, each brand tends to have their own unique way of doing things. This is why it is important to choose your brand and follow the instructions for conditioning your leather to the T!

When applying the leather conditioner it is best to use something soft and porous, like a dish sponge. Then use the same methodology as we spoke about earlier for cleaning leather motorcycle gear. Small amount put on applicator, light/medium pressure, and spread it out evenly across your leather gear.

leather motorcycle mask care

Phase 2: There is Such a Thing as to Much

When it comes to application of the leather conditioner it is important to remember not to apply to much or to condition to often. Using to much conditioner or conditioning to often can lead the leather to start to discolor. In addition, excess conditioner can clog up the pours of the leather and start to accelerate the deterioration process. We recommend to condition leather motorcycle gear around once a year, maximum of twice. This will help keep your leather motorcycle mask supple without over indulging on conditioning.

Phase 3: Air it Out

To ensure that your leather apparel absorbs as much of that leather conditioner as possible, let your jacket sit for another 24 hrs. This will allow all the essential oils to seep into your leather gear giving it that same shine and finesse it once had.

You know have all the information needed to provide proper Leather Motorcycle Mask Care. With these tools you now know How to Clean Your Leather Motorcycle Mask the right way! But the value doesn’t stop here! Just below we are going to go over some DIY Leather Motorcycle Mask Care Solutions. 


leather motorcycle mask care


DIY Leather Motorcycle Mask Care Solutions

When it comes to cleaning leather motorcycle mask there are a variety of products out there to use. However, some of the best leather stain remedies are concoctions you can cook up at your own home!

When it comes to cleaning minor spills on your leather motorcycle mask, jacket, chaps, etc. it is best to clean spills immediately. Leather is porous and will absorb liquids, causing a stain to form.
Here is a quick an easy DIY solution to use to clean your leather motorcycle gear:

  1. Mix a solution of Warm Water & Dish Soap (or, one part vinegar + one part water)
  2. Use a soft cloth to absorb some of the concoction
  3. Wring out an excess solution
  4. Wipe your leather gear with light/medium pressure
  5. Wipe off an excess cleaning solution with a second damp cloth
  6. Let your leather gear air dry or wipe off with a towel

Do Not place your leather gear to dry in direct sunlight. This can cause serious damage over time.

DIY Leather Motorcycle Gear Stain Removers

Spill your juice while you were riding and have a really ugly stain on your leather motorcycle gear? Fear not! Leather Face has you covered! Check out this list of DIY Leather Motorcycle Gear Stain Removers below!

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Lightly use your finger to apply non-gel toothpaste to the stained area on the leather. Rub gently to lift the stain. If you use to much pressure you could scratch or discolor the leather. After lifting the stain, use a damp cloth to wipe off the extra toothpaste.

leather motorcycle mask care

Nail Polish Remover

You can easily lift stains or scuffs off your leather motorcycle apparel with nail polish remover. By adding a small amount to a cotton ball, dab the stained area. Make sure not to rub the area as it could cause the stain the spread. After cleaning the stain wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove excess nail polish remover.

leather motorcycle mask care
Baking Soda or Cornstarch

Remove oil or grease stains with ease by using baking soda or cornstarch. In order to lift the oil off the leather gear, just add some baking soda or cornstarch to the area. Gently rub it in with a damp cloth. Let the leather motorcycle gear sit overnight. The powerder will absorb all the oils. Then after the jacket finishes drying, dust off the powder with a dry cloth.

leather motorcycle mask care

Rubbing Alcohol

Want to learn how to get mold of your leather? By adding one part rubbing alcohol and one part water, you can easily rid your leather motorcycle gear of mold. Dampen a cloth with the solution and rub the affected area. Then wipe clean with a damp cloth. This will help get rid of both mold and mildew in your leather gear.

leather motorcycle mask care
Lemon Juice & Cream of Tartar

By mixing one part lemon juice and one part cream of tartar, you create a paste. Apply this paste to the affected area with a soft cloth. If the soil still remains after a couple minutes of rubbing. Let the leather gear sit for a couple hours and then apply more paster. Once the stain has been lifted simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Remove water spots by moistening the area again with water, then letting it dry.
leather motorcycle mask care
Road Salt Remover
Mix one part white vinegar with one part water. Dampen a cloth in the solution. Then start to blot the area that contains road salt. This process can be repeated to clean the entire surface, even if it takes several attempts. Wipe the cleaned area off with a damp cloth and let dry completely.

Wrap It Up

You know have all the tools and knowledge necessary to have proper Leather Motorcycle Mask Care. It is important to always look up leather cleaning care by the manufacturer first before attempting any of these tips. Some manufacturers give explicit directions on how to clean their products. Keep the funk out of your face! By Utilizing these tips to ensure your Leather Face Riding Mask stays clean and funk free.