Riding motorcycles brings pure ecstasy. Whether you’re riding for fun or racing for a price, there’s a feeling of safety when you have cool motorcycle gear on. You want to look stylish but protected, who doesn’t after all? That’s we have searched the industry far & wide to find the 12 Best Leather Motorcycle Face Masks. Just below we have listed them with a full-length review beneath each choice. This review will help you pick the best leather motorcycle face mask to fit your style & personality.

12. Red Leather Oni Kabuki Half Mask

leather motorcycle face mask

The Red Leather Oni Kabuki half mask brings a touch of Japanese folklore to your everyday biking life.

Oni is a kind of yōkai, or supernatural ogre, or trolls in Japanese folklore. They are typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads.”

It is made from start to finish with quality leather materials & has an adjustable strap that makes it fit just about anybody. This custom leather motorcycle mask will give you some epic flare on the road with ancestral Japanese ties. Plus, it can be hung in any part of your house as a piece of art when you’re not wearing it.

11. Deathstroke Motorcycle Riding Mask

leather motorcycle face mask

Deathstroke motorcycle riding mask was made with inspiration drawn from the popular American fictional supervillain character that appeared in one of DC Comic’s publications; Deathstroke.

There is a lot to talk about the Deathstroke Motorcycle Mask, from the beauty in its colors to the strength in its quality. Its design makes it look like the stylized battle masks you will come across in comic books or in video games, but don’t get it wrong – it is one hell of a stylish mask.

The most appropriate use of this mask is for motorcycle riding, although a few people may customize it for other uses.

10. Mass Effect Inspired – Hand Made Leather Mask

leather motorcycle face mask

You need a face mask that can go for just anything ranging from; costumes, cosplays, raves, and bike rides – then there’s no better option than the Mass Effect Inspired handmade leather mask. It comes in different colors, making it perfect for just any bike and comfortable for any ride.

As is Custom to many great face masks, this one is also adjustable to fit different sizes.

9. “Bruto” Black Motorcycle Mask

leather motorcycle face mask

I know you’ve never seen black look so good, or maybe you just hate the color for some reason. But the truth is that you will change your perception the moment you set eyes on this wonder of a face mask. It makes the color black look so desirable to own.

Bring the A game to your gangster game by riding with this quality handcrafted mask. You’ll be glad you ever purchased it. Apart from having the look you so desire on your bike, you also get protected from bees and the slaps of leaves.

8. Vintage Leather Motorcycle Biker Mask

leather motorcycle face mask

Thinking of having a unique style added to your biking adventure? Then having a touch of vintage is not a bad idea. The vintage leather biker mask is a cool way to protect yourself from all road hazards and still be stylish. You never really know how beautiful a touch of vintage in your apparel can make your bike until you try this product. It comes in one size, but can be adjusted to fit almost every face.

7. Custom Calavera Loca Motorcycle Riding Mask

leather motorcycle face mask

The Custom Calavera Loca Motorcycle Riding Mask is really made to bring the Mexican touch to your riding experience. The mask is popular as a symbol for the festival of the day of the dead in Mexico (Día de Muertos). It also bears some symbol of the Ronan Catholic holiday All Souls day.

The uniqueness of this leather motorcycle face mask lies in its available choices of colors. It doesn’t matter what your personal spec is, you’ll find something that you’ll love here.

No doubt, they are handmade with additional leather lining and nose passing for additional comfort, but above all, they are fashionable and will give you the gangster feel while on your bike.

6. Custom Dragon Style Motorcycle Riding Mask

leather motorcycle face mask

Yet another mask that’s inspired by the Japanese popular dragon folklore. This mask was made to popularize a myth that has existed for centuries and it has gradually become a biker’s favorite for its style.

What inspires your style? Some people are obsessed with the most insane creatures like serpents, dragons and other scaled creatures of legend. If you fall under this category of people, then we’ve got just the right leather motorcycle face mask to match your style.

This custom Dragon style motorcycle mask comes in different colors, giving you the liberty to make your choice from a very wide array. They are also handmade from start to finish and consist of the best leather materials.

5. Weld Burn Leather Motorcycle Mask

leather motorcycle face mask

Life is fun if you know how to get on a bike and perform some crazy stunts. You are the boss, act like one. Wear a mask that will keep you in touch with class and style. Riding on its own is euphoric, but riding with a Weld Burn leather motorcycle mask is beyond definition. When conditions favor riding, it’s even better, when they don’t, you’re still cool and good to go. With a half face mask pattern, this product is the real deal. It is made of 8-9 oz top shelf leather and gives you just the look you want to have.

4. Motorcycle Brown Leather Mask by Holler and Hood

leather motorcycle face mask

This product of leather motorcycle face mask is specially made and dedicated to drag racers, motorcycle riders, and all the road runners folks. Yes, it looks good on anybody of any age. Who says you can’t look good from a quality handcrafted leather mask that is old school inspired, yet in tune with the modern trend?

It comes in one regular size but it has an adjustable strap to fit almost everybody.

Maintenance of this mask is also easy. There’s no cooler leather motorcycle mask pattern than what this product offers.

3. Handmade Leather “Cyborg-Skull” Mask by BKcustomworks

leather motorcycle face mask

Handmade Leather “Cyborg-Skull” Mask by BKcustomworks

The origin of this mask is traced back to a fictional superhero that appeared in a DC Comics American movie in 1980. Since then, people have loved to mimic the face of the actor and eventually a mask was invented to make it effortless.

Do you still think you can’t look badass and classy at the same time? Then you’ve not laid hands on this unique Handmade leather “Cyborg-Skull” Mask. It is truly one mask of its kind, for the design it takes and for the quality leather materials that were used in handcrafting it. It is designed with quality 3-4 oz. Veg-tanned leather. There’s no way you’ll not fall in love with special and unique paint design. Guess what? Everything from start to finish was made by hand, so you’re guaranteed to have a cool full face mask with a cool sewing pattern. Yes. Halloween will soon be here, and this should be an excellent costume for it.

2. Dragon Slayer’s Lower Half Mask by Epic Leather

leather motorcycle face mask

In a time when it was a serious myth talking about a slain dragon, these Japanese inspired all-purpose mask emerged in a bid to throw fun at dragon slayers. It grew in popularity and soon became a bikers favorite.

It is not a surprise too that this product has made this position on our list of leather motorcycle face mask. It indeed brings out the badass in the rider of any age and is an excellent mask to buy if you want a mixture of trend and good quality. It is handcrafted with some of the best leather materials and has each piece of it bound together with a leather strap that creates a lot of possibilities in the way it can be undone and reconnected. Furthermore, custom motorcycle face masks can be created using this design as inspiration for a personal request. It allows you the flexibility to perform any stunt with your bike, without having your vision impaired by its components.

1. Leather Face Motorcycle Mask

Leather Face Riding Mask

When it comes to custom leather motorcycle face masks, none of the predecessors compare to the Leather Face Motorcycle Mask. Although brand new, this half face mask is dominating today’s motorcycle protective gear market! Its pace is not completely unrelated to the fact that it’s badass styles combine the highest quality materials & rider-friendly features.

Although there are cheaper less functional options out there, this mask is a smart investment in your comfort, protection & looks.

The Leather Face Motorcycle Mask’s Patented Design comes Equipped with:
  • [NEW] MULTILAYER TECHNOLOGYSUPERIOR PROTECTION: Our Motorcycle half face mask provides the ULTIMATE RESISTANCE to WIND, RAIN, SUN’S ULTRAVIOLET RAYS, DUST, DEBRIS & COLD WEATHER. Using GENUINE COWHIDE LEATHER, our OUTER LINERS to STOP the sting of IMPACTS from accelerating projectiles. While soft supple SUEDE INNER LINERS create a comfortable atmosphere.
    leather motorcycle face mask
  • ADVANCED BREATHABILITY LIKE FEELING THE WIND ON YOUR FACE: Unlike most half face masks that leave you gasping for breath when wet. Our inner liners use LASER CUT PERFORATIONS to REDUCE MOISTURE BUILDUP & allow for MAXIMUM VENTILATION EVEN if it’s FULLY SOAKED. AIR EASILY PENETRATES, PREVENTING you from OVERHEATING even on scorching hot days.
  • HIDDEN STASH POCKET – MULTIFUNCTION: Wish there was a FASTER, MORE CONVENIENT & COMFORTABLE way to hold your everyday essentials while riding? Located on the RIGHT SIDE of our leather face mask, HIDDEN BETWEEN LINERS, is a STASH POCKET that HOLDS CREDIT CARD, ID, or CASH. You can leave the wallet at home because this mask is all you’ll need on the road!
  • COMFORTABLY SNUG FIT – Unlike a bandana, balaclava or neoprene facemask that fit loosely & falls down in the wind. Our face gear has ADJUSTABLE METAL RIDGE NOSE PIECES & VELCRO FASTENERS, allowing for a PERSONALIZED & UNIQUE FIT, that’s EASY to PUT ON or TAKE OFF!
  • DON’T WASTE MONEY ON CHEAPLY MADE MASKS INVEST IN QUALITY: Tired of settling for face masks with unfinished seams & ends that quickly fall apart? At Leather Face, we believe you shouldn’t have to buy replacements again & again so we HAND STITCH our gear using a DURABLE POLY/NYLON THREAD. So you get years of use from it, even if you ride everyday.

leather motorcycle face mask

The Leather Face Motorcycle Mask is truly a versatile piece of protective gear, that is essential for every motorcycle rider. If you’re tired of settling for face masks that don’t hold up to years of abuse. Then make the smart investment, purchase a motorcycle mask that has the best value & will last a lifetime, buy a Leather Face Mask Today!


There are a lot more custom leather motorcycle face masks out there, but these are 12 Best Leather Motorcycle Face Masks based on functionality, design & style. Each handcrafted leather motorcycle face mask that appears on this review was selected after careful analysis of the performance & value it brings to the users. We strive to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction & happiness, that is why we inform our community of the best options on the market. The Leather Face Motorcycle Mask is hands down the best bang for your buck! Don’t believe us? If our motorcycle mask does not meet or exceed your expectations, contact us for easy returns or exchanges.