Ace of Spades

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Keeping your face protected in spades.

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Our Motorcycle half face mask provides the ULTIMATE RESISTANCE to WIND, RAIN, SUN, UV, DUST, DEBRIS & COLD WEATHER. Using GENUINE COW HIDE LEATHER our OUTER LINERS STOP the sting of IMPACTS from accelerating projectiles. While soft supple SUEDE INNER LINERS create a comfortable atmosphere.


Unlike most half face masks that leave you gasping for breath when wet. Our inner liners use LASER CUT PERFORATIONS to REDUCE MOISTURE BUILD UP & allow for MAXIMUM VENTILATION EVEN if it’s FULLY SOAKED. AIR EASILY PENETRATES, PREVENTING you from OVERHEATING even on scorching hot days.

COMFORTABLY SNUG FIT – Unlike a bandana, balaclava or neoprene facemask that fit loosely & falls down in the wind. Our face gear has ADJUSTABLE METAL RIDGE NOSE PIECES & VELCRO FASTENERS, allowing for a PERSONALIZED & UNIQUE FIT, that’s EASY to PUT ON or TAKE OFF. UNISEX MASK for ADULTS&TEENAGERS WIDTH*LENGTH 27*10(in.) Min-Max Circumference 21-27(in.)


Wish there was a FASTER, MORE CONVENIENT & COMFORTABLE way to hold your everyday essentials while riding? Located on the RIGHT SIDE of our face mask, HIDDEN BETWEEN LINERS, is a STASH POCKET that HOLDS CREDIT CARD, ID, or CASH. You can leave the wallet at home because this mask is all you’ll need on the road.


Tired of settling for bike masks with unfinished seams & ends that quickly fall apart? At Leather Face, we believe you shouldn’t have to buy replacements again & again so we HAND STITCH our gear using a DURABLE POLY/NYLON THREAD. So you get years of use from it, even if you ride every day.


We are LOYAL to our customers that’s why we offer the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. We strive to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. If you’ve any doubt about our product performance, please contact us. We offer EASY RETURNS&EXCHANGE PROCESS. There’s absolutely no risk in buying. Hit Add to Cart Now!

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Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 2 in

Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Off-White, Orange, purple, Red, Teal, White

9 reviews for Ace of Spades

  1. Eric Gilbert

    Killer Mask, high quality leather, interchangeable liner, this is a high quality interchangeable mask, extremely comfortable and does the job..weather your riding atv’s, snowmobiles, boating or riding Harleys id highly recommend this mask.. Go ahead and pick your style..

  2. Victor M Villafane

    Awesome mask, very confortable. It looks amazing and feels great once is on. The interchangeable liners are cool. During hot days, the air flows nicely.

  3. Russell

    Love it. I live in the desert. Windy and dusty all the time.
    I have the LeatherFace Skull style, blue liner, and I might never ride without it again. Looks great and keeps the dirt out of my teeth.
    Very happy to own it.
    Thank you Nathan, and thank you LeatherFace for the gear!!

  4. Will Hurt

    I love my new LeatherFace mask i can breath easily through it without my glasses fogging up, i wore it the other day in the rain on my way home im convinced i will only where leather face mask from now on when riding.not to mention the removeable liner is also cool and it looks awesome. a must have for all motorcycle riders.

  5. Kristen

    I cannot thank Leather Face enough for creating this mask! This product is of the highest quality and design when it comes to motorcycle riding gear. The design allows for the perfect amount of air to flow through keeping me calm, cool and collected! Thank you Leather Face, riding masks will never be the same!

  6. Dave

    Great mask! Leather quality is great. Blocks everything no matter the speed you’re going or how low you’re riding. Nice and breathable even if it gets wet still easy to breathe through without any complications and quick to dry. And the bendable fit to face style frame is amazing for that perfect fit and no sliding down or falling off. All around great product. Glad I picked on up. Will be a returning customer!

  7. Travis B.

    So the other day after I just got off working in the slightly warm 105 degree weather of Lively El Paso… guess what came home to. MY LEATHERFACEGEAR MASK!!! Needless to say I was about as excited as Ralphie from Christmas story getting his Red Ryder B.B. gun. I immediately took it out for a spin. Let me tell you what… this thing is Badass. Way easier than screwing around with a bandanna for 20 minutes at a time. Which means more riding for me. Not only that it’s comfortable as hell. And wicked looking. I doubt I’ll need it but I also think the whole no questions asked warranty might come in handy if I get into a scuffle at the local watering hole. So to sum it all up… if you want to make children cry, and mothers hide their daughters, while still having your face as pampered as a Kardashian. Great product. Great service. I’ll be buying a few more in the future.

  8. @Juanita_hd1903

    I love my leather face mask it’s protected my face very well especially in the pouring rain when I don’t rock at windshield, and now that it’s getting colder and snowing it definitely took the chill off my face because it’s a little thicker and kept me from a good few big bumblebees and stones love love love it!

  9. Louis Bruno

    Just amazing in every way . Going to be using them often

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