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leather face motorcycle gear

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leather face motorcycle gear

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leather face motorcycle gear

Rider Reviews

Awesome mask, very comfortable. It looks amazing and feels great once is on. The interchangeable liners are cool. During hot days, the air flows nicely.

Victor Villafane

Killer Mask, high quality leather, interchangeable liner, this is a high quality interchangeable mask, extremely comfortable and does the job..weather your riding atv’s, snowmobiles, boating or riding Harleys id highly recommend this mask.. Go ahead and pick your style..

Eric Gilbert

Love it. I live in the desert. Windy and dusty all the time.
I have the LeatherFace Skull style, blue liner, and I might never ride without it again. Looks great and keeps the dirt out of my teeth.
Very happy to own it.
Thank you Nathan, and thank you LeatherFace for the gear!!


I love my new LeatherFace mask i can breath easily through it without my glasses fogging up, i wore it the other day in the rain on my way home I'm convinced i will only where leather face mask from now on when riding.not to mention the remove able liner is also cool and it looks awesome. a must have for all motorcycle riders.

Will Hurt

I cannot thank Leather Face enough for creating this mask! This product is of the highest quality and design when it comes to motorcycle riding gear. The design allows for the perfect amount of air to flow through keeping me calm, cool and collected! Thank you Leather Face, riding masks will never be the same!

leather face motorcycle gear

Shane Hamilton - Founder & CEO

Building and creating things with my bare hands has always been the drive to my passion. Creating elements that combine both function and form is what I strive to maintain throughout all of my “rider designed and approved gear”.

Being a Blue collar bodyman/metal fabricator and an avid rider, I thrive for the raw excitement that comes from riding off into the twisties after a hard days work in the shop. Being able to hop on my Harley, tear off and ride hard at a moment’s notice is what I live for. Having the gear to facilitate that is what I rely on. RIDE ON!