How to Pick Up a Heavy Motorcycle with Proper Form

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How to Pick Up a Heavy Motorcycle with Proper Form

It can happen to even the most experienced riders. Your motorcycle may topple over for a variety of reasons, but the result is always frustrating. If you find yourself staring at an extremely heavy motorcycle, do not panic. You can pick up a motorcycle from the ground by following the safe & proven method down below. 

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Before You Do Anything: Assess the Situation 

Sometimes adrenaline or hurt pride force us to jump into action when we should really stay still. If you have fallen or lost your balance, it can be tempting to get your bike upright and moving as quickly as possible. However, it is best to avoid this urge and take a beat to check both your bike and yourself. 

It is not wise to try to lift a heavy bike if you have an injury. Doing so will only make you hurt worse and could cause permanent damage to you, and to your bike if it falls again. Give yourself time to breathe and check for any injuries. Once you have ensured that you are okay and your bike is not in bad shape, you can proceed with the best way to pick up a motorcycle off the ground. 

The Proper Technique for Picking Up a Motorcycle

While there are certainly several ways to pick up a fallen motorcycle, this method will ensure the least amount of harm is done to both you and your bike.

Remember that your motorcycle is very heavy, and it can do a lot of damage if it falls. Slow and steady wins the race in this situation, and it helps you avoid further injury or damage to your bike. 

  1. Turn your motorcycle off. The ignition must be off and the bike should be in gear before you proceed. Lifting a motorcycle that is still running can be incredibly dangerous. 
  2. Turn the handlebar. The handlebar should be turned in the same direction as the fall. For example, if your bike is resting on its left side, you should turn your handlebar to the left. 
  3. Lean your bottom against the bike. Put your bottom in the middle of your seat and back your body up against the motorcycle. 
  4. Grip the handlebar. You should squat slightly and hold the handlebar in one hand and the grip on the low side of your bike with your other hand. Be sure to grab the frame or another sturdy part of your bike. The lower you can get, the better. 
  5. Push with your legs and bottom. Keeping your feet close together, lift your chin and look up in order to keep your spine straight. Use your legs and bottom to push against the bike and take small steps backward. You will walk the bike up slowly to avoid pushing it over the other direction. 

The best method to pick up a motorcycle will take some practice. New riders and experienced riders alike should spend time simulating a situation where you have to pick up a fallen motorcycle. Practicing in a low stakes environment with plenty of support around can help you prepare for a situation on the side of the road or a time when you are on your own. 

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Anyone Can Pick Up a Motorcycle Off the Ground

It does not matter if you are tall or short, muscular or not, male or female. Everyone is capable of righting a motorcycle after it has fallen. Following the method above to pick your motorcycle up off the ground enables you to get the necessary leverage to pick up a machine that weighs several hundred pounds. 

However, if you feel strained or pain at any point in the process, you should stop. Slowly set the motorcycle back down, and evaluate your situation before proceeding. Pushing too hard, especially if you are injured, can result in further injury. Taking your time to properly pick up your motorcycle will keep both you and your bike safe.