The Ultimate Motorcycle Camping Guide

The Ultimate Motorcycle Camping Guide

Motorcyclist derives so much joy from riding their motorcycles. This brings about the idea of Motorcycle camping - where you can bond with friends and family who are bike lovers.  

Nothing brings so much fun for a motorcyclist than covering hundreds of miles of motorcycling while going on a trip.  Motorcycle camping is fun and adventurous for those who like traveling and seeing places. You can decide to go on the trip for a tour or cool your head off on the weekend. 

We can imagine how exciting it is for you to hit the road riding your favorite motorcycle. The best way to relax is to do the things you love to do the most.

Key Takeaway

To maximize your motorcycle camping, there are several materials you should take along with you. Camping materials such as sleeping materials, cooking tools, and other things that offer comfort should not be lacking in your camp. Also, a tent is an integral part of your camping adventure, and choosing the right one can make your motorcycle camping awesome.

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Motorcycling Camping basics

Before you go on that trip, it is necessary to know the motorcycle camping basics. You can save yourself from unnecessary breakdown while on the journey by planning. 

Motorcycle road trip planning requires you to map out the location you are going to. It will guide you in packing the necessary items and materials you need. 

It is better to have a motorcycle camping checklist while planning for your trip. It will enable you to strike a balance between packing the essential basics and still not over-pack.

Below are the basic items you should have on your checklist while planning your motorcycle camping trip

On your checklist, you should have sleeping materials, cooking tools, comfort materials, and extras.

  • Sleeping materials: Your sleeping materials will take up most of the parking space for your luggage. This is why it is essential to carry lightweight items that you can fold to make room for others. 

Your essential sleeping materials include; a tent, sleeping bag, and roll mat. At the same time, your non-essential sleeping materials include; pillow, blanket, neck scarf, jag bag, etc. But remember, you don’t want to overpack for this trip. 

That is why you should pack only the things you will need. A little extra can be included for unforeseen events like a change in the weather. For instance, a blanket and neck scarf is helpful on a freezing night. 

  • Cooking tools: The cooking tools you take along will depend on how much you enjoy cooking. The length of your trip will also determine how often you camp and, thus, a need to cook. It is essential to carry extra cooking tools when going on a long-term motorcycle camping trip

This means fewer tools are needed for a short-term trip. Essential cooking tools on your checklist are stove, cooking equipment like your pot, and cutlery. Non-essential cooking materials that you can carry include a Foldable washbowl, small chopping board, set of knives, etc.

  • Comfort materials: Comfort materials are not essential, especially when you do not camp often. When your trip is long-term, you may need to have some of your other stuff handy. Your camping life becomes easier when you carry the things you need with you. 

But remember, this is a motorcycle camping trip where you have limited packing space. These comfort materials are tarpaulin, camping chair, ground mat, etc. Comfort materials vary for every individual.

  • Extras: These are items you carry on the trip with the mind that you will need it at some point helpful. Every individual has different things they term as extras depending on what everyone terms as extra. 

Some of the extras you can bring on the trip are insect repellent, torch or lamp, foldable grill, fire starters, foldable water container, first aid kit, etc.

Best Motorcycle Camping Tent

Considering the type of tent to carry when planning for your motorcycle camping trip is essential. Going with the right one will bring you a convenient camping experience.

There are so many camping tents depending on the number of people and the kind of quality you want. Picking the best tent for your needs all depends on you. Part of the things to consider is the ease of handling. You wouldn’t go for a tent that is difficult to set up.

Types of camping tent you can find are:

  • Family tents: This type of tent can accommodate between two to six people. Choosing the right size depends on the number to use it. It is often used by families who go on a trip together. 

The price depends on how large it is and the quality you go for. But since you are going on a motorcycle camping trip, you wouldn’t want to get a bigger size. On less, you are going in a group where everyone shares the luggage.


  • Expedition tent: this is the best choice when planning a motorcycle camping. This type of tent is divided into two parts. The first part is a section where two to three people can sleep. 

You can then use the second section for cooking on a rainy day. You can use it to store your luggage and your motorcycle. This is still the best motorcycle camping tent out there.

  • Backpacking tent: It is a mini back tent that you can use when going for a short motorcycle trip. You can use it for a kind of trip where you plan to spend just a night in a place. You can use it to pack only a few items needed for a night.

How Do I Pack My Motorcycle?

To maintain a good balance when packing your motorcycle, you need to pack your luggage accordingly. You have to divide your luggage into different compression bags. By doing so, you have to divide the luggage into hard, leather, and soft. 

Bulky items like your tent and sleeping materials are best placed in the roll bag on the back of your motorcycle. The bag keeps them safe and dry at all times. This answers the question asked by many people about where to carry a tent on a bike.

The heaviest luggage should go to the bottom while the lighter ones should go on top. It would be best if you positioned your luggage in the motorcycle center for a good stable ride. Well-packed luggage will give you a good balance when riding your motorcycle.



Motorcycle camping is a fun experience for bike lovers. It’s an exciting way to spend the weekend, have fun, and bond with family and friends. Going on a motorcycle camping trip is adventurous and allows you to discover new places and things.