Top 13 Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear for Winter Rides

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Top 13 Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear for Winter Rides

If you are not ready to winterize your bike for the season, you have to be prepared to ride your motorcycle in freezing temperatures.

The harsh winter weather requires the best cold weather motorcycle gear to protect you while you ride. From durable, waterproof outer layers to snug and cozy inner layers that trap heat, each piece of your outfit goes a long way towards keeping you safe and warm.

Keep reading for some of the top winter riding gear to help you brave the cold. 

Outer Shell

The outer shell of your winter motorcycle gear is essential for protecting you from the elements. Look for items that are waterproof to help block rain or snow as well as windproof to keep the harsh wind at bay. Clothing made from durable materials is a must, and it is key to seal off all openings in order to stay warm. 

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1. Helmet

Choose a helmet that both protects your head and keeps wind and rain out of your eyes. A face or eye shield can help you maintain visibility in harsh conditions. A high-quality helmet can prevent heat from escaping to keep your head and neck warm. 

2. Face Mask

If you're trying to add tens of degrees to your motorcycle ride, then a proper Motorcycle Face Mask is important.

Some face masks offer removable inner liners so that you can change up the thickness for different seasons. This allows you to use heavy-duty wool liners during the winter while using light breathable suede in the summer. 

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3. Jacket

Investing in a riding jacket is essential for riding your motorcycle in freezing temperatures. A waterproof jacket will keep rain, snow, and unexpected moisture from getting in your heated or thermal layers below. 

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4. Chaps

Similar to waders worn by fishermen, over pants can be worn over your clothes to protect your legs from wind and rain. Again, waterproof materials are crucial to staying warm. 

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5. Boots

Boots are a key part of cold weather riding gear. Heat can easily escape from your feet if they are not protected while you ride. Waterproof boots that have a thick and durable sole will keep your feet warm and provide a nice surface for when you are stopped. 

Inner Layers

Inner layers are essential for providing heat and insulation. With proper thermal layers, you can trap heat close to your body and stay warmer for longer. High-quality inner layers will be both thermal and lightweight to keep you warm without adding unnecessary weight. 

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6. Heated Jacket Liner

Some of the best winter gear for motorcycles are heated items. A heated jacket liner runs on batteries and tucks snugly underneath your riding jacket to keep your core warm. 

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7. Heated Pant Liner

Like a heated jacket liner, heated pant liners can keep your legs and core warm while you ride. Using a micro-wiring system, a pair of pant liners can provide extra heat to your hips and legs during the cold temperatures. 

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8. Long Johns

A staple in winter wear, long johns are great motorcycle gear for cold weather. As a base layer, you can keep these thermal items close to your skin to trap warmth. 

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9. Thermal Shirt

Thermal shirts work much like long johns. The fabric used to make these items can keep you warm while providing moisture-wicking properties to prevent sweating. 

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10. Winter Socks

Boots aren’t enough when it comes to motorcycle gear for winter. Thick, thermal socks are a must-have to keep your feet and toes warm while you drive. Winter socks are specially made to stand up in freezing cold temperatures and wick away moisture that may seep in. 


Cold weather motorcycle gear also includes accessories for your extremities. From warm gloves to a seat warmer, these items are crucial to maintaining normal body temperature and staying safe while you ride in the winter. 

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11. Heated Gloves

You should invest in a quality pair of riding gloves, but you can take it a step further in the winter. Heated gloves use batteries to warm your hands while you ride. Maintaining the use of your hands is key to staying safe while riding. 

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12. Seat Warmer

Once you try a heated seat, you’ll never want to go back. Adding a heated seat or seat warmer pad can help keep your core warm while you ride and provide an extra layer of comfort. 

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13. Neck Warmer

Neck warmers can protect the last gap of skin that is exposed to the weather while you ride. Tuck your neck warmer into your jacket and under your hood to keep your neck warm and prevent cold air from seeping into your protective layers. 


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