Ultimate Guide to Harley Motorcycles for Short Riders

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Ultimate Guide to Harley Motorcycles for Short Riders

If you're short but love to ride motorcycles, these low sitting Harleys will be perfect for you. As a shorter rider you're looking for two things seat height & foot peg distance. You're going to be looking for a low sitting Harley that isn't to stretched out that the pegs are extremely far away. 

You don’t want to be on a motorcycle that you cannot put both your legs on the ground. Riding a bike is a matter of safety and control, and you must not neglect that when choosing a bike.

As a woman there are bikes made by Harley Davidson specifically for short women. You will enjoy your ride on any of those super low sitting Harley motorcycles.

Now just below, we have compiled a list of the Best Harley Motorcycles for Short Riders. Check out the list down below with the benefits of each. 

Content Table

  1. Softail Deluxe
  2. Street Glide
  3. Sporster 883 Super Low
  4. Sporster 1200 Custom
  5. Softail Low-Rider
  6. Softail Breakout 114


    What is the Shortest Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

    Searching around for the shortest Harley Davidson Motorcycle? Well, after countless hours of research we have found THE SHORTEST Harley Motorcycle.

    shortest Harley Davidson motorcycle

    The Harley Davidson Softail Slim Model is the Shortest Harley model made, with a seat height of 23.8 inches (60.5 cm). The Slim Softail Model has around 1690cc with a weight of around 700 lbs. (318 kg.)

    Just below we have listed some of the other Top Harleys for Short Riders.

    Top Harleys For Short Riders

     Through extensive research, we've compiled a quick list of some of the shortest Harley motorcycles based on seat height.

    Seat Height in Inches Model of Harley Davidson Motorcycle
    23.8 Softail Slim
    24 CVO Softail Deluxe
    24.3 Fat Boy Lo
    24.5 Softail Deluxe
    24.7 Breakout
    25 Fat Boy/High Ball
    25.2 Dyna Low Rider FXDLI/Softail Standard FXST/I
    25.4 Low Rider
    25.5  Sportster Superlow/Street Bob/Wide Glide
    25.6 Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low


    Here are some of our top choices on Harleys for short riders.


    1. The Softail Deluxe

    harleys for short riders


    The Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe provides plenty of power with a low seat height of 24.5 inches. Its low center of gravity gives you the right balance and control of the bike.

    You can decide to add some of the Harley accessories like Rigid Mount Saddlebags to enjoy your long road trips. Its wheels are laced with chrome and whitewall tires. The ergonomic design will keep you riding from the day into the night. 

    2. The Harley-Davidson Street Glide

    harley motorcycles for short riders


    This is one of the best Harleys for short riders, and it gives you the best value for your money. It comes with a high performing front and rear suspension. The Optional ABS Brembo breaks ensure perfect breaking in any road surface. Its seat height is 26.1 inches, and you can lower it using the suspension modifications. 

    3. Sportster 883 SuperLow

    low sitting harleys


    This is another one of the bikes made by Harley Davidson for short women. It has an excellent center of gravity and provides you with a good grip and balance. This Sportster comes with a 25.5 inches seat height and comfortable suspension. With a low and narrow solo seat, the lowered front and rear suspension provide you with comfort and confidence to ride. 

    4. Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom

    low sitting harleys for women


    This is one of the Harleys for short riders that you can get in a variety of models. It comes with a seat height if 26.6 inches and would perfectly suit your height. The Sportster 1200 Custom is a top pick for both intermediate and advanced riders. It is only 20 pounds heavier than the Sportster 883. This Sportster 1200 Custom produces approximately 20 ft-lb more torque than the Sportster 883, giving it an impressive power-to-weight ratio. 

    5. The Harley-Davidson Softail Low Rider

    harleys for short women


    This is one of the best low sitting Harley motorcycles for short riders. Its well-balanced stance and low center of gravity make it one of the sought after Harley Davidson motorcycles for short riders. If you want to enjoy your ride, this Softail Low Rider is perfect for short riders of all capabilities with a seat height of 27.2 inches

    6. Softail Breakout 114

    harley motorcycles for short riders


    This is one of Harley Davidson for short riders that you would love to have. It’s the kind of bike that when the light turns green, you vanish and be gone. Breakout 114 comes with wide digital instrumentation installed on risers close to your field of vision. It also has a high-performance rear mono-shock. 



    7. 2023 Sportster S

    2023 Sportster S

    This lean, mean, low-slung machine puts the "super" in SuperLow with a 25.3-inch seat height. The 2023 Sportster S’ forward-mounted pegs and mid-rise bars offer a relaxed, arms-forward riding position, perfect for shorter limbs.


    8. Low Rider S

    Low Rider S

    Don't let the "Low" fool you. This Softail Low Rider S boasts a plush suspension that drops the seat to 26.8 inches, while the forward controls keep your knees happy. Its muscular powertrain adds a grin-inducing punch to every cruise.


    Interesting Tips for Harley Davidson Motorcycles for Short Riders


    Gear Up for Confidence:

    • Lowering kits: Don't let a high seat hold you back. Invest in a lowering kit specifically designed for your Harley model. Most kits drop the seat height by 1-2 inches, making a world of difference when planting your feet.
    • Advanced boots: Ditch the clunky work boots! Lightweight, armored motorcycle boots with built-in platforms can add crucial inches without sacrificing safety or style.


    Beyond the Seat:

    • Handlebar adjustments: Don't just lower the seat, bring the bars closer! Pull-back handlebars reduce reach, while risers elevate your grip, finding the sweet spot for your torso and arms.
    • Suspension tweaks: A skilled mechanic can adjust your preload and damping, lowering the bike's stance without compromising ride quality. Think millimeters, feel miles of confidence.


    Community Counts:

    • Join online forums: Connect with fellow short-statured Harley riders! Seek advice, share experiences, and discover hidden gems within the Harley family. Groups like "Vertically Challenged Harley Riders" and "Short Riders United" offer invaluable support.
    • Test ride, test ride, test ride: Don't settle for online specs. Visit dealerships, throw a leg over different models, and feel how they fit your body and riding style.

    Remember: Finding your perfect Harley isn't a race, it's a journey. Embrace the process, utilize these tips, and most importantly, have fun! The open road awaits, and it's time to claim your spot on two wheels.

    Bonus Tip: Check out custom seat options! Many companies offer low-profile or scooped seats specifically designed for riders with shorter inseams.


    FAQs on Harley Davidson Motorcycles for Short Riders


    1. Is Harley-Davidson good for short riders?

    It depends. While Harleys typically have a reputation for being large and heavy, several models are excellent options for short riders. The key is finding one with a low seat height and forward-mounted controls that allow you to comfortably reach the ground and handlebars.


    2. Which Harley-Davidson bike has the lowest seat height?

    Currently, the Sportster S boasts the lowest seat height across all Harleys at 25.3 inches. Other contenders include the Iron 883 (25.5 inches) and the Low Rider S (26.8 inches).


    3. Is Harley 48 good for short riders?

    The Harley 48, discontinued in 2020, had a seat height of 27.5 inches, making it a decent option for riders around 5'4" and taller. However, it wasn't the lowest, and other models like the Sportster S might be even better for shorter riders.


    4. What motorcycle should I get if I'm 5'2"?

    Several motorcycles cater to riders of your height. Here are some options:

    • Harley-Davidson Sportster S: The lowest seat height among Harleys.
    • Honda Rebel 500: Classic cruiser style with a low 27.2-inch seat.
    • Kawasaki Vulcan S: Versatile cruiser with adjustable footpegs and a 27.8-inch seat.
    • Suzuki Boulevard S40: Lightweight cruiser with a comfortable 25.4-inch seat.


    5. Is a Harley Low Rider a cruiser?

    Yes, the Harley Low Rider is a cruiser motorcycle. It features a classic V-twin engine, relaxed riding position, and comfortable seat, making it ideal for cruising highways and backroads.


    Things You Need To Consider Before Purchasing Any Harleys For Short Riders

    You have seen our list of Harley Davidson motorcycles for short riders. The next are things you should look out for when making a purchase. If you are a short rider, always go for the low sitting Harley motorcycles. The seat heights are critical because they help you feel in control of your motorcycle. Therefore you need to ensure that you have the correct seat height for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. 

    Most of the Harleys for short riders offer aftermarket options for adjusting the height of the seat. Aside from the height of the seat, the width is also important. 

    You wouldn’t want the lowest sitting Harley with a seat that is too wide. Such width will make you spread your legs too far apart, making it difficult to have your feet on the ground. Narrow seats provide you with increased confidence and control over your motorcycle.

    Click here to check out our post on the perfect Harley Davidson seat height guide for a comfortable ride


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