Top 20 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles of All Time | 2024

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Top 20 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles of All Time | 2024

You may be in for tough a job if you want to pick the Best Harley motorcycles of all time. Since the business was founded more than a century ago, Harley Davidson has produced historic motorcycles models and has become very influential in every facet of motorcycle riding. The brand is often called “The American Motorcycle.”  

We need to note that Harley Davidson has manufactured several models of motorcycles over the decades. Therefore, selecting the Top 15 Harley Davidson Models ever made will be very subjective.

This article will give you fantastic insight into the Most Popular Harley Davidson Models in History. Just below is our list of the Best Harley motorcycles to have graced these roads.


Key Takeaway:

Harley-Davidson, the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer, has produced a long line of legendary motorcycles over the years. From the powerful Sportsters to the luxurious Touring bikes, Harley-Davidsons have captured the hearts of riders worldwide.

Choosing the best Harley-Davidson motorcycles of all time is no easy task, as there are so many great models to choose from. However, we've compiled a list of the top 20 Harley-Davidsons that have made a lasting impact on the world of motorcycling.

These motorcycles are not only iconic in their own right, but they have also helped to shape the Harley-Davidson brand and solidify its reputation as a builder of high-quality, American-made motorcycles.


 20 Best Harley Davidson Motorcycle Models of All Time 2024 Update.

1. The Harley Davidson 11F (1915)

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This Harley Davidson motorcycle model ushered in a new dawn in the motorcycle industry. The 11F model was the first Harley motorcycle to have a three-speed transmission, an automatic oiler, and intake valves. All these added up giving the bike an amazing11hp. This model also had a complete electrical system with a magneto ignition system. 


2. The EL “Knucklehead Harley Davidson model

best harley davidson motorcycle model


The 1936 EL Knucklehead was the last motorbike that the Davidson brothers and William S. Harley designed. Compared with the previous designs, the EL had a semispherical combustion chamber with 40hp. At the onset, only about 61 cubic inches were produced, but in 1941 they produced the iconic 74 inches version


3. The Harley Davidson “Fat Boy”

best harley motorcycle model


Making our list of the best Harley motorcycles is the 1990 “Fat Boy” model. It came with a pair of beautiful “shotgun” designed exhaust pipes. These exhaust pipes were paired with massive 16-inch disk wheels, which produced the first-ever Softail look. Until its production, hardtail bikes dominated the era in the motorcycle industry. 


4. The Harley Davidson VRSCSE2 (2006)

best harley motorcycle


This is one of the most popular Harley Davidson models, and it boasts more than just a performance. Aside from its good looks, it has excellent functionality and comes in three different color combinations. Its stellar handle and the Revolution engine gave it incredible power and made it easy for riders to maneuver through traffic.

The Revolution Engine features Harley Davidson's V-twin with the VR1000's counterbalanced 60-degree, liquid cooled, dual overhead cam, and short-stroke architecture. In order to give this engine so much power, Harley partnered with Porsche Engineering Service to get it done as apart of their Superbike Program.


5. Harley Davidson CVO Softail Convertible (2012)


best harley davidson motorcycle

The Softail Convertible was launched in 2010, but the 2012 CVO Softail model stood out from the rest. It has excellent touring capabilities that are suited for long rides. Its cruising capabilities are ideal for moving around the town.

Some of the features that stood out include the windscreen, removable backrest, and a rear passenger seat. The bike suited for both tall and short riders as the seat was 24.4 inches high with a light frame. Its lightweight makes it easy for women to control, while the massive outlook made it ideal for men.


6. Harley Davidson XL Sportster (1957)

most popular harley motorcycle


Harley used the XL Sportster to drive several prominent specialty machines. You can trace the origin of the Sportster model all the way back to the Harley Davidson Model K. Some people argue that the Sportster are more popular than the Big Twins. Harley even went as far as to upgrade the Sportster Engine consistently; originally an 883cc which was later replaced with a 1,100cc, and finally, 1,200cc. 

The XLCR model was based on the Sportster, and cafe racers loved it from the time it was available. 


7. Harley Davidson Dyna Wilde Glide (2010)

most popular harley davidson motorcycle


This model took a different turn from other top Harley Davidson models. It came with a Tommy Gun 2-1-2 exhausts, a more massive back end, and a chopped rear fender. The seat was much lower than that of its predecessors, Harley was in its "slammed" out phase. The era of bobbers was starting to gain momentum.


8. Harley Davidson XR-1000 (1983)

best harley davidson motorcycle in history


The XR-1000 model deserves its place on the list of best Harley motorcycles of all time. The riders enjoyed the improved power of the OHV V-twin 998cc air-cooled engine. This air-cooled engine delivered a maximum speed of 112mph.

most popular harley motorcycle

It became popular with Jay Springsteen’s racing version known as the Lucifer’s Hammer. 


9. Harley Davidson KR750 (1953)

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This is the most popular Harley Davidson model when it comes to AMA sports. From the early 1950s to the late 1960s, the KRs were the dominant motorcycle on AMA tracks. The KR750 was arguably the origin of flat-track racing, and it marked the beginning of Harley-Davidson’s long dominance of the sport. 


10. Harley Davidson FLHR Road King (2012)

most popular harley


When it comes to customization and performance, the 2012 FLRH is dubbed the king of the road. The bike has a twin Cam 103 1690cc engine with a six-speed cruise transmission. It also has an ABS braking system with electric cruise control. If you are looking for the best Harley Davidson motorcycle models, the FLHR road king is one. With its adjustable touring rear suspension and detachable windshield, you are assured of a seamless ride.


11. Harley Davidson VRSCA V-ROD (2002)

best harley motorcycle of all time


This is one of the most popular Harley Davidson models and was prominent for introducing drag racing in motorcycling. The Harley V-Rod was originally created to compete against American & Japanese Muscle Bikes. 

In order to give this bike the power it needed the Harley Power Engineering Team started to incorporate the use of their Revolution Engine. The bike came with a top speed of 140mph, which was quite impressive, considering it was produced in 2002. 


12. Harley Davidson The FLTH Electra Glide Standard (2009)

best harley davidson motorcycle


The FLTH Electra model is one of the best Harley motorcycles of all time. Although it doesn’t have most of the components associated with a bike, it came with some exciting features. The bike had a V-engine, a reliable performance, air-adjustable suspension, and a six-speed cruise transmission. It is one of the best Harley motorcycles out there


13. Harley Davidson FXB Sturgis

most iconic harley davidson motorcycle


Although it was produced for a few years from 1980, Sturgis was a lovely motorcycle among bike riders. This bike made our list of best Harley Davidson motorcycles because of its iconic design. 


14. The Harley Davidson FL Hydra-Glide

most popular harley davidson motorcyles in history


After the Second World War, people needed a new bike model that can carry them for a long distance in comfort. Harley-Davidson built a new category of the motorcycle; the FL Hydra-Glide. It is known as the long-distance cruiser. You can see why it made our list of top Harley Davidson model bikes. 


15. Harley Davidson Duo-Glide (1958)

best harley davidson motorcycle


Up until this point, Harley Davison offered only the sprung saddle suspension. The Duo-Glide ushered in a new era with an innovative rear suspension using a swingarm with coil-over shocks in 1958. This shift improved the comfort of the ride for Harley motorcycles, it got its nick name because it was referred to as the "glide ride". The change was crucial in helping Harley Davidson become a long-distance rider.


16. Harley-Davidson Touring (1975)

Harley-Davidson Touring

The Touring is Harley-Davidson's ultimate long-distance motorcycle. It's comfortable, powerful, and packed with features that make it perfect for touring. The Touring is available in a variety of models, including the Electra Glide, Road King, and Street Glide.


17. Harley-Davidson CVO (1999)

Harley-Davidson CVO

CVO stands for "Custom Vehicle Operations." These are Harley-Davidson's top-of-the-line motorcycles, and they are packed with the latest features and technology. CVO motorcycles are also some of the most expensive Harley-Davidsons, but they are worth the price for riders who want the best of the best.


18. Harley-Davidson XR1200 (2008)

Harley-Davidson XR1200

The XR1200 was a sportster-based motorcycle with a café racer flair. It was a nimble and lightweight bike that was perfect for carving through corners. The XR1200 was a limited-production model, but it remains a popular choice for collectors and sport riders alike.


19. Harley-Davidson Low Rider S (2018)

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

The Low Rider S is a performance-oriented Sportster with a café racer flair. It's equipped with a powerful engine, premium suspension, and high-performance brakes. The Low Rider S is an excellent choice for riders who want a Sportster that can handle the twisties. Check out our guide on the best motorcycles for short riders.


20. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited (2019)

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited (2019)

The Electra Glide Ultra Limited is Harley-Davidson's top-of-the-line touring motorcycle. It's packed with features that make it perfect for long-distance riding, including a comfortable seat, heated grips, and a premium sound system. The Electra Glide Ultra Limited is also a popular choice for riders who want a bike that they can use for two-up touring.


Wrap Up

This concludes our list of the Best Harley Davidson Motorcycles of All Time. The list is in no particular order of importance, these are just 15 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Models that were influential throughout history. 

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Which of the Best Harley Davidson motorcycles is your favorite?

Kindly leave your comments and contributions below.  


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