Why You Need a Motorcycle Bug Shield

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Why You Need a Motorcycle Bug Shield

Are you tired of getting hit with bugs while riding your motorcycle? Every motorcycle rider knows, if you're on your bike long enough you will get hit by bugs eventually. That's why its imperative to have the proper motorcycle bug shield in place to keep you protected

Now, not every motorcycle rider is the same. Some motorcycle riders would never put a windshield on their bike because it will ruin the aesthetics. There are others that specifically like to wear the proper head protection to avoid getting hit. 

No matter what type of motorcycle rider you are, we've listed out the perfect solutions for motorcycle bug shields just for you. 

Types of Motorcycle Bug Shields

Just below we've compiled a list of the best motorcycle bug shields that work for every rider. You'll find something that fits your style perfectly.

1. Windshield

For those motorcycle riders that don't mind having a windshield and fairing on their bike, this is by far one of the best ways to avoid being hit by bugs while riding your motorcycle. 

Although cleaning bugs off your windshield & fairing will become a routine habit, you won't have to worry about getting hit while riding. 

2. Face Mask

A lot of riders don't want to ruin the aesthetic of their bike by adding a windshield or fairings to avoid the bugs. Instead these riders opt for something that's more stylish and easier to maintain. 

A Face Mask, like a Leather Face Mask offers premium protection from bugs, rocks, debris, or anything else that might pop up from the road. The Leather Face Mask uses a thick outer layer of leather to create a strong shield between your face and the elements.

It's important to remember when choosing your face mask, you want a mask that can with stand a bug going 70mph+, a junebug that fast packs a punch! 

3. Full Face Helmet

One way to avoid getting hit by bugs while riding your motorcycle is with a Full Face Helmet. These types of helmet offer full cranium protection. Although they limit your overall rider awareness by reducing peripheral view & noise reduction; the helmets still offer fantastic protection for riders.  


Why You Need A Bug Shield for Your Motorcycle

motorcycle bug shield

1. Reduces Risk for Motorcycle Accidents

Being hit by bugs in the face while doing any speed on a motorcycle can cause an accident. Being distracted & panicking during that instance can cause you to lose control and potentially get serious injured.

A bug shield for your motorcycle will remove that situation from the equation, now your mask, helmet or windshield can absorb all the impacts while your riding smooth & comfortable.

2. Creates a Better Riding Experience:

I don't care how strong you are, a junebug at 90mph will make any man tear up. Not to mention, riding through a cloud of nats is one of the worst mid ride snacks. 

By having the proper protection from bugs & other elements while riding, you create a safer & smoother riding experience. Instead of worrying about getting hit by grasshoppers on the backroads, you'll be looking searching for where to fuel up next. 


    In Conclusion, a motorcycle bug shield is not mandatory but it does create a safer & more enjoyable riding experience. There are many die hard bikers out there that refuse to use any type of protection from the elements. Needless to say, you'll want to avoid their post ride smile. 

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