15 Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Masks for Winter

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15 Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Masks for Winter

Riding on your motorcycle in the winter can be excruciating if your not properly geared up. The cold wind on your face cuts right through you like a steel blade, taking any warmth you had with it. That's why having a proper winter motorcycle face mask is essential. Winter gear for motorcycle riding protect you while you ride and keeps you comfortable while you do it! 

Cold weather motorcycle gear comes in a variety of styles, including half face masks, full balaclavas, and dickies.

We have done tons of research in order to provide you with the Top 15 Best Cold Weather Motorcycle Masks for Winter. 

Keep reading to learn more about warm motorcycle gear. 

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Biker's Top Rate Choice: Leather Face Motorcycle Mask

If you're searching for a winter motorcycle face mask that is ready to go the distance. Then the Leather Face Motorcycle Mask is THE Best Mask for the Job, without a doubt! 

Leather Face Masks utilize a Patented Multilayer Design to retain maximum heat while riding on your motorcycle. By using a tough leather outer shell, the Leather Face Mask is able to block wind, rain, snow, sleet or ice! winter motorcycle face mask

Not to mention, the soft suede interior liner creates a warm & comfortable blanket for your face while cruising through bone chilling wind.

That's not all, the Leather Face Mask comes equipped with adjustable metal ridge nose pieces that allow riders to perfectly contour their mask to their face. This reduces 99% of fog up on riding glasses on cold winter days. 

Last but not least, with over 15 inner liner colors to choose from and 8+ outer leather design styles there is sure to be a mask perfect for you. Best of all, you can personalize your mask further with Custom Embroidery! Now you can embroider your favorite: road name, chapter number or logo on your Leather Face Mask.

If you're looking for the best winter motorcycle face mask, stop what you're doing and grab a Leather Face Motorcycle Mask today. 


Top 15 Winter Motorcycle Face Masks

motorcycle face mask for winter

1. Arctiva Light Neck Sock

Made of 100% polyester, the Arctiva light neck sock is lightweight and breathable. The neck warmer stretches easily to fit anyone while contouring to your face and neck. There are many ways to wear the neck sock, making it perfect for your cold motorcycle gear collection. The stretchy material fits snugly on your face while remaining comfortable, so it will not slip off on your ride. 

2. Fly Racing Ignitor Balaclava

When it comes to cold gear for motorcycle riding, it is important to protect the top of your head. Even with a helmet, you can quickly lose heat if your head is uncovered. The Fly Racing Ignitor balaclava offers full coverage that is both lightweight and comfortable. Wear the balaclava under your helmet to protect your face and neck from the wind while staying warm. 

3. California Heat 7V Lithium-Ion Battery Heated Balaclava

Cold weather motorcycle masks can also be found in heated styles. Powered by a compact battery, the California Heat balaclava can warm your face and head in just seconds. The 7V lithium-ion battery is small enough to stay out of your way while lasting for several hours. The face mask is made of polyester and spandex, providing enough stretch to fit comfortably. 

winter motorcycle face mask

4. SA Company Face Shield

A face mask for winter can provide top-notch protection from the elements while also being stylish. The face shield from SA Company features an edgy skull design with incredible details. Made of 100% polyester microfiber, this face mask is soft, breathable, and quick-drying. 

5. Tactical Cold Weather Face Mask

The Tactical Cold Weather face mask features a unique design that is both comfortable and warm. Cold weather motorcycle masks must provide protection without impairing your ability to drive. This face mask combines a half-face covering with a soft hoodie for full coverage. 

6. Kids Winter Windproof Balaclava 

Children need a solid face mask for winter if they will be riding with you. The child’s windproof balaclava from HZTG provides a thick face covering to keep them warm and comfortable. The adjustable mask and hat protect a child’s ears, nose, face, and neck. 

7. Astro AI Balaclava Ski Mask

Your winter gear for motorcycle riding should keep all kinds of elements out of your way. From cold wind and snow to dust and UV rays, the Astro AI balaclava provides the ultimate level of protection. Made of polar fleece, the mask stays warm and breathable at the same time. 

winter motorcycle face mask

8. Balaclava Neoprene Ski Mask 

Sometimes simple is best when it comes to cold weather motorcycle masks. The balaclava neoprene ski mask fits perfectly under your motorcycle helmet, covering your face and head. The lightweight material is breathable and quick-drying, while also remaining warm in the cold weather. 

9. Carhartt Men’s Fleece 2-in-1 Headwear

Versatile cold motorcycle gear can be worn in a variety of ways. The Carhartt 2-in-1 fleece headwear offers a fleece hat and pull-down face mask, so you can adjust the style to fit your needs. Moisture-wicking material keeps you dry and comfortable, even in the winter rain and snow. 

10. Genuine Leather Neck & Chest Warmer Dickie 

Cold gear for motorcycle riding needs to protect more than just your face. The genuine leather neck and chest warmer dickie from Leather Bound is designed to protect your whole upper body in the cold weather. The fleece lined dickie is soft and warm, and Velcro closing make the item easy to size. 

11. Painted Skull Half Face Mask 

Make a statement with your winter gear for motorcycle riding by finding a cool design. Express your style and stay warm with the painted skull half face mask from Leather Bound. The lightweight neoprene mask covers your nose, chin, and cheeks to keep the winter wind from damaging your face. Use the Velcro closure for a perfect fit all winter long. 

motorcycle face mask for winter

12. Forest Camo Face Balaclava 

Your cold motorcycle gear has to stay comfortable while you ride. The forest camo face balaclava from Leather Bound features flat seams to fit perfectly under your helmet without causing distraction or discomfort. The polyester material stretches to fit the contours of your face and neck while staying breathable. 

13. Neodanna Motorcycle Face Mask 

The Neodanna motorcycle face mask provides coverage for your face and neck. Cold gear for motorcycle riding does not have to be bulky or heavy, and this mask keeps you protected without weighing you down. Combining a cotton bandana and neoprene face mask, this item keeps the wind and dust off your face in cold weather. 

14. VBIGER Beard Hat Beanie 

If you want a unique look that draws attention, the VBIGER beard hat beanie is the winter face mask for you. The knit ski mask features a funny octopus shape while covering your head. The beanie will help to keep you warm, but you might need to add a balaclava underneath in severely cold weather. 

motorcycle face mask for winter

15. Forcefield Tornado Advance Balaclava 

Your warm motorcycle gear should protect you from the elements while staying clean and dry. The Forcefield Tornado Advance balaclava is anti-bacterial, lightweight, and windproof. The thermal face and neck covering dries quickly, so it is always comfortable on your ride. By staying protected from cold wind and rain, you can enjoy your motorcycle rides throughout the winter. 


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